• Welcome to St. Helen's Church, Cliffe.

    We are currently in a time of interregnum.  This means that we have a vacancy for a new vicar.  During this challenging time, we ask that you please bear with us.  Our church wardens, Licensed Lay Minister, members of the PCC along with other volunteers from the congregation will do their best to keep serving our community through our usual church services, meetings and events.  However, there will inevitably be some adaptations and our usual pattern of services may be disrupted.   Below are our services for June:

    .Upcoming services

    5th June - 10am Jubilee Service of Celebration

    12th June - 10am Service of the Word

    19th June - 8am BCP Holy Communion

                      10am Service of the Word

    26th June - 10am Holy Communion



  • Memories

    The interesting thing about sorting and packing a house in preparation to move is the things that you find that you’d forgotten about. No corner is left unturned and so everything that lies within every cupboard comes to the light. Whilst when we moved here, we did (eventually) unpack every box some things simply got re-boxed and put away. That’s not because we’re hoarders but because some things hold special memories. They don’t need to be looked at every day but they are nice to see when they do appear.

    I’ve found things from almost every place I’ve lived. Photos of old school and university friends; letters from my time in Uganda; parish magazines from when I arrived and left youth work jobs; cards with encouraging words in them (even more precious when the person has now died). There are the occasional things that will appear more prominently in the next house (my Lego castle that I had as a 9th birthday present) and others that will be put away to provide a giggle for the children when I’m no more (school reports!). The process of sorting has been a trip down memory lane.

    As we move to Birmingham, so Cliffe with become part of our back story of memories and various things will enter into this box of memoirs. We’ve enjoyed our time in Cliffe and we are grateful for all of the people who have made us welcome and walked this part of our life with us. At various times in the future there’ll be points of reminiscing about our time here. But life is a journey and God has called us somewhere new.

    On the top of my computer monitor is this quote from Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” It’s serves as a reminder that there is nowhere that God isn’t and with God at our side there is nothing that we need be afraid of and so these are words I will told tight to as I move forward.

    I’d also encourage you to hold onto them as well. Entering an interregnum as a parish can be daunting but it needn’t be a worry. God has his plans for St. Helen’s as He has always done. In good time someone else will come to lead and God will be with her or him as He has been with me.

    You will all be in my prayers,

    Every blessing

    Andy Hobbs


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